Annual Performance Report

NPAP report

In line with the National Partnership on the National Quality Agenda for Early Childhood Education and Care (NP NQA), and on behalf of all governments, ACECQA has published its inaugural annual performance report, the first of two reports to be produced under the current NP NQA.

ACECQA’s annual performance report provides analysis against the objectives and outcomes of the NP NQA, which have been arranged into the following eight chapters:

  • Safety, health and wellbeing of children attending education and care services
  • Educational and developmental outcomes for children
  • Social inclusion and children from vulnerable and disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Families’ and general public knowledge and access to information about education and care service quality
  • Efficiency and cost effectiveness of the regulation of education and care services
  • Regulatory burden for education and care service providers
  • Skilled education and care workforce
  • Governance.

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