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eLearning modules for approved providers

In partnership with the New South Wales regulatory authority, ACECQA has developed a series of short, interactive eLearning modules to help approved providers understand their responsibilities under the National Law and Regulations. These modules are also available in web accessible versions.

Approved provider – Governance and management

As the approved provider, you have primary legal responsibility under the National Law and National Regulations to ensure good governance and management of your service. This module briefly outlines the responsibilities and explains the requirements under the National Quality Standard, Quality Area 7.

Approved provider – Staffing

As the approved provider, you have primary legal responsibility under the National Law and Regulations in relation to staffing requirements at your service. Even when other service leaders may be on-site acting on your behalf, should non-compliance occur, you may still be held legally responsible. This module briefly explains your responsibilities. 

Approved provider – Service vision

As the approved provider you are responsible for creating the vision for your service. A clear and compelling vision will underpin your service’s statement of philosophy, assist in the development of your Quality Improvement Plan, and can serve to inspire your service team. This module will look at the importance of a vision, some examples, and how to develop a vision.

Approved provider – Service philosophy

As the approved provider you are responsible for ensuring that a statement of philosophy is developed and that it informs guides your service’s operations and educational programming and practice. This module explains how to develop a philosophy and provides links to helpful resources.

Approved provider – Supporting your team

As the approved provider you have a key role to play in helping to build and support your team. This module will explore: the importance and benefits of an effective team; the contribution that you can make to building an effective team; and some suggestions for promoting effective teamwork.

Approved provider – Managing change

As an approved provider, it is a certainty that you will at some stage be implementing changes in your service or services. Change is inevitable and necessary as a stimulus for service growth and development. This module looks at the different types of change, your role leading and inspiring change, and processes for implementing effective change.

National Quality Framework (NQF) eLearning modules

Welcome to the National Quality Framework (NQF) professional development eLearning modules.

This eLearning program has been developed for new educators who have entered the children's education and care sector. These modules can also be used by current educators to support your understanding of your role within the children's education and care sector. 

The program consists of a series of four eLearning modules which each cover a different aspect of the NQF. 

The NQF Program Reference Guide can be found on the 'Resources panel' on the right, along with other related resources you might find beneficial.

NQF Induction 1: Introduction to the children's education and care sector

About the sector and the ways educators support quality education and care to improve educational and developmental outcomes for children.

NQF Induction 2: Overview of the NQF

About the creation of the NQF and its component parts.

NQF Induction 3: Law and Regulations

About the Education and Care Services National Law and Regulations.

NQF Induction 4: National Quality Standard

About the purpose and structure of the NQS, which includes seven quality areas that are key to achieving positive outcomes for children.

Approved learning frameworks V2.0 - Induction module

This module introduces new educators to the approved learning frameworks (ALFs) v2.0 within the NQF, providing foundational knowledge and guidance for developing quality programs that support children's learning, development, and wellbeing.