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What do teachers and educators enjoy most about their work?

Children’s imaginations and ideas can surprise and inspire parents and educators alike. Quality early learning values every child’s unique interests and views, and children’s perspectives and contributions shape the learning programs.

In this video, educators and teachers from services around Australia talk about how children’s ideas and opinions contribute to quality early learning.

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Quality early learning helps children be the best they can be

In quality early learning services, educators build positive and respectful relationships with and between children. Children need to know that others care about them, and are interested in what they do, think and feel. This is essential for their wellbeing, learning and development.

Watch this video to see how quality early learning and positive relationships can help children be the best they can be.

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Quality early learning gives children new experience

Children are fast learners, and when you provide them with great learning opportunities, they thrive!

Watch this video to see how quality early learning helps children develop self-confidence by experiencing success.

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Belonging, being and becoming in quality early learning

Quality early learning creates a sense of belonging and gives children experiences with other cultures and communities.

Watch this video to see how quality early learning supports the inclusion of all children and respects and celebrates cultural diversity.

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What does quality early learning mean to parents?

Quality early learning means different things to different parents, carers and families. In this video, parents discuss the importance of quality early learning to them and their children. They talk us through their child’s experiences, the meaningful relationships with educators, and the positive impact on their child’s learning and development.

Watching this video may help inform families’ decisions about their child’s early years and the unique opportunities provided by quality early learning services.

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Children make sense of their social world through play

Play provides opportunities for children to work together, share ideas and make choices. Through play, they develop empathy, fairness and friendships.

Watch this video to see how different play, activities and experiences can encourage your child’s learning and development.

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