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ACECQA has developed various resources to support providers and educators to understand the National Quality Framework.

Acecqa – The Australian Children's Education & Care Quality Authority

ACECQA has developed various resources to support providers and educators to understand the National Quality Framework.

NQS knowledge game

The Quest for Quality is a trivia-style game for educators on the 7 quality areas of the National Quality Standard (NQS). Bring a bit of fun into your professional discussions and critical reflection, and test your knowledge of the NQS.

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Download the Handbook for instructions.

Print off the game spinner and cards (double-sided)

Download the extension packs

Videos on the National Quality Framework

Find more videos on our YouTube channel.

Changes to the National Quality Framework


Changes to the NQF - ECA webcast
NQF Journey so far

Outside school hours care

A recap of key learnings from the quality area 1 workshop for outside school hours care services.

Additional presentation resources

Download Participant workbook

Watch a discussion with Dr Jennifer Cartmel and Professional Jenny Sumsion on My Time, Our Place: Framework for School Age Care and the intention behind documentation as part of the cycle of planning.

Watch a staff critical reflection planning meeting

Educational leadership

Critical reflection - Recording and sharing information
Critical reflection - Evaluation and its challenges
Leadership in education and care
Role of educational leader
Documenting and assessing children's learning
Incorporating cultural competence in everyday practice
Leadership in education and care
Educational leaders supporting the cycle of planning

Webcast: ACECQA National Workshop, Quality Area 1, Educational program and practice

The role and exciting future of educational leaders

ACECQA's National Education Leader, Rhonda Livingstone, presented to the Educational Leaders Western Australia Forum on the role and exciting future of educational leaders.

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Two worksheets referenced during the presentation:

ACECQA's Top Ten Resources

Provocations worksheet


eLearning videos for educators and providers

Download and watch audio and video resources presented by ACECQA National Education Leader Rhonda Livingstone to support your quality improvement journey.


Podcast 1: An Introduction to Documenting children’s learning and development in children’s education and care services
Podcast 2: Why do we need to document and what is the most effective way to document?
Podcast 3: Documentation – walking through the relevant requirements
Podcast 4: What educators may expect in an assessment and rating visit and tips for improving your service

Starting Blocks has a range of resources that provide parents with information about early childhood education and care.


We have developed a series of videos to help explain the NQF, quality ratings and how services are assessed and rated. Watch them on our Guide to the NQF playlist on YouTube.