Video transcript – Belonging, being and becoming in quality early learning

Quality early learning creates a sense of belonging and gives children experiences with other cultures and communities. This video shows how quality early learning supports the inclusion of all children and respects and celebrates cultural diversity.

00:00 – 00:04     
Audio: [Signing Torres Strait Island children’s song]
Visual description: A group of six children sitting in their early learning service’s outdoor area with their female educator, who is singing a Torres Strait Islander children’s song.

00:05 – 00:09
Audio: [Upbeat music]
Visual description: Message appears on purple backgrounds one after the other ‘Belonging + Being + Becoming’ ‘in every quality early learning service!’

00:10 – 00:16
Audio: [Children laughing]
Visual description: [Series of shots] Four children of diverse cultures are playing using six plastic tubs on the sand of an early learning service’s outdoor play area. They’re jumping from one plastic tub to the other. A blonde-haired female educator is reading to a preschool-age child and two toddlers. The four of them are sitting on a play mat with building blocks lying around.

00:17 – 00:19
Audio: [Upbeat music]
Visual description: Message appears on a purple background, ‘For more info visit’. The logo appears on screen.

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