Video transcript – Children and families are the centre of early learning services

A quality early learning service involves families when making decisions about their child and quality improvements at the service. There are many ways families can make valuable contributions, for example, reviewing the service policies and plans and discussing ideas or issues. Positive working partnerships between your service and families support every child’s learning, wellbeing and development. This video shows these partnerships in action. 

00:00 – 00:03

Audio: [Soothing music]

Visual description: Little boy in a red jumper interacting with his mother at an early learning service.

00:04 – 00:07

Audio: [Soothing music]

Visual description: Message appears on a red background: ‘Children and families are the centre of every early leaning service’

00:08 – 00:11

Audio: [Mother] Tap, tap, tap. Can you help Mummy? Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap. [Shovel tapping] Just gently.

Visual description: Two young boys and a mother in an early learning service’s sandpit. The mother is tapping on a blue bucket that’s kept in the sand as she’s asking her son to tap on that with a shovel.

00:12 – 00:14

Audio: [Soothing music]

Video description: Message appears on a red background: ‘For more info visit’. The logo appears on the screen.

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