Video transcript – Connecting with practice: Discovering – routines around lunch

This video shows the lead-up to lunch for two four-year-old children and two babies in a family day care service. It focuses on health and hygiene, including wiping down eating surfaces and handwashing.

00:00 – 00:05
Audio: [Music]
Visual description: The ECRH logo followed by the video title appear on a white background: ECRH, Early Childhood Resource Hub. Connecting with practice: Discovering – routines around lunch. 

00:05 – 00:21
Audio: [Sounds of children jumping up and down and laughing.]
Educator: I’m here. I am here. OK.
Girl 1: Let’s sit. 
Girl 2: No. 
Visual description: In a dining area featuring a full-sized table and chairs and two small tables and chairs, two young girls brace their hands on one of the small tables and jump. An educator walks behind them. A smaller girl is also standing near the small tables.

00:22 – 00:34 
Audio: [Sounds of plastic chairs being picked up and moved along the floor.]
Educator [from off-screen]: One is for Charlotte and one is for Niamh to clean the tables.
Charlotte [to educator]: Can we sit down and clean it? 
Educator [from off-screen]: Huh? 
Charlotte [to educator]: Can we sit down and clean? 
Educator [from off-screen]: It’s up to you how you want to clean it. 
Visual description: Charlotte sits at the table and pats her hand up and down on a nearby chair. The second girl, Niamh, walks to the chair that Charlotte is patting. She lifts the chair and repositions it closer to the table. The two children look at the educator as she is talking. The smaller girl stands nearby grasping the back of a chair with her left hand as she watches the educator and the girls. 

00:35 – 01:12
Audio: [Sounds of plastic chair legs moving on the floor.] 
Charlotte [to educator]: I want to sit down and clean it. 
Educator: OK. Niamh, do you want to clean that table or this table? You can clean any table you want, yeah? 
Charlotte: I’m cleaning this table. 
Niamh: I’m cleaning this table. 
Educator [from off-screen]: Thank you. See, Della is watching you too. See, Della is watching you too. 
Charlotte [to educator]: We didn’t wash our hands after the food. 
Educator [from off-screen]: We have to wash, that’s right, after we finish cleaning. 
Charlotte [to educator]: This one is finished. 
Educator [from off-screen]: OK, so can we pop it in this bucket? And then we can go to the bathroom and wash our hands. Great cleaning. Thank you very much. OK, wash your hands now. 
Visual description: The educator hands Charlotte and Niamh cloths. Charlotte starts wiping the small round table. Niamh sits at the neighbouring table and wipes it. Della walks behind the girls and watches them wiping the tables. The educator holds out a red bucket. Charlotte stands up and places the cloth into the bucket. 

01:13 – 01:35 
Audio: [Sounds of a child’s footsteps running down a hallway. Ambient sound of water running from the bathroom tap.] 
Charlotte: I’m washing my hands! Washing my hands! 
Educator [singing]: Della Rose. 
Niamh: Wash my hands. 
Educator [from off screen]: Della Rose. Come on, Della Rose. It’s OK. It's OK. 
[Della cries] 
Visual description: Charlotte rushes down a hallway and climbs on a stool at the sink. Niamh walks after her down the hallway. The educator carries Della down the hallway to the bathroom.

01:36 – 02:07
Audio: [Ambient sound of water running from the bathroom tap.]
Educator: ...four, five, six, seven, eight, nine... Rubbing, rubbing. Bit more. Bit more. All the germs away. 
Niamh: Bubbles. 
Educator: Bubbles, yeah. But we make sure all the germs go away. Yep? OK. Fantastic. Is it clean now? 
Niamh: The germs are gone now. 
Educator: It’s clean. Absolutely. So you can dry your hands on your towel. Where’s your towel? 
Niamh: It’s right here. 
Educator: That says ‘Niamh’. 
Visual description: Niamh stands on a stool at the bathroom sink and washes her hands. The educator stands beside her and watches while holding Della. Charlotte enters the bathroom and stands behind Niamh. Later, the educator turns off the tap. Niamh steps off the stool and dries her hands on a nearby handtowel. 

02:08 – 02:38 
Audio: [Ambient sound of water running from the bathroom tap.]
Charlotte: It’s my turn! 
Educator: It’s your turn. OK, rub it. 
Charlotte: …three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. 
Educator: Great counting. And I can see all the germs have gone now too. Fantastic. 
Charlotte: This is my towel. 
Educator: Fantastic. See? Charlotte washed her hands and Niamh washed her hands. Thank you, Niamh. 
Visual description: Charlotte stands on a stool in front of the bathroom sink. While holding Della, the educator squirts some soap onto Charlotte’s hands. Charlotte finishes washing her hands, steps off the stool and walks over to dry her hands beside Niamh. 

02:39 – 02:59
Audio: [Ambient sounds of children’s laughter and crying.]
Niamh: I found it. 
Charlotte: I'm eating the sandwich first. 
Educator: OK, Charlotte, here is your cup. You can pour water for yourselves here. And, Niamh, here’s your cup. You poured water before, yeah? And... This is for Della. 
Visual description: Charlotte and Niamh sit at a small round table and point at documents stuck on the wall. The educator carries Della and places plastic cups and a metal jug onto the table. The two girls take it in turns to pour themselves drinks. 

03:00 – 03:12
Audio: [Sounds of plastic bowls being placed onto a table.]
Charlotte: I’ve got a sore somewhere. 
Educator: You’ve got a sore arm? 
Niamh: I’m sore too. 
Educator: You’ve got a sore arm too? That is yours, your sandwiches. And I’m going to give you some red rice. 
Visual description: Charlotte and Niamh sit at the table and hold up their hands, studying their fingers. The educator places some sandwiches in plastic bowls on the table. Another smaller girl enters the room and moves across the floor. She stretches out both arms towards the educator, making crying sounds. 
03:13 – 03:24
Audio: [Sounds of a child crying.]
Niamh: A sandwich. 
Educator [from off-screen]: Once you finish eating you can clean your hands. I’ll put the red rice here, OK? 
[Girl 4 cries]
Visual description: Niamh and Charlotte sit at the table and eat their sandwiches. Niamh points to a document on the wall and then to the sandwich that Charlotte has in her hand. The educator places a container on the table. The new small girl sits on the floor nearby, watching Charlotte, Niamh and the educator. 

03:25 – 04:16 
Audio: [Faint sounds of a child crying. Children laughing and eating at a lunch table.]
Educator [from off-screen]: It’s OK, Millie. Charlotte and Niamh, Joanie’s going to go and change Millie and Della’s nappy. Then I’m going to put them to bed. 
Charlotte [pointing to Della]: I like her. 
Educator: Yeah, OK? So you can finish eating. I’ll come back quickly, OK? OK, come on. Come on, sweetheart. 
Niamh: I poured water on the table. 
Niamh: A sandwich... 
Charlotte [to the camera]: These are rice crackers. Rice crackers on the food pyramid. Cheese, princess! 
Niamh [to the camera]: Cheese, press. 
Charlotte: Princess. 
Visual Description: Holding Della on one hip, the educator picks up Millie and carries them both out of the room. As they eat, Niamh points to the table. Charlotte points to the documents on the wall. 

04:17 – 04:25 
Audio: [Music]
Visual description: The ECRH logo followed by the video production credits and copyright appear on a white background: ECRH, Early Childhood Resource Hub. Copyright 2015 Commonwealth of Australia. Source: National Quality Standard Professional Learning Program – Early Childhood Australia. 

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