Video transcript – Connecting with practice: Discovering – story time transition to naptime 

This video focuses on a small group of four-year-old children in a family day care service during story time and their preparations for rest time. It follows an educator sharing a book and then involving children in routines.

00:00 – 00:05
Audio: [Music]
Visual description: The ECRH logo followed by the video title appear on a white background: ECRH, Early Childhood Resource Hub. Connection with practice: Discovering – storytime transition to naptime.

00:06 – 00:42
Audio: Educator: So now I’m going to ask you to take turns to help me. We’re going to sit on the floor, though. Come on. Sit down. OK, hurry up. Jody, sit down now. Alright. OK, alright. Let’s go. Can you see the book, Sofia?
Sofia: I can.
Educator: Are you sure?
Sofia: I can.
Educator: OK. OK, there’s someone behind you. There’s someone behind you who cannot see. Why don't you move a bit over there? Yeah, alright. “Once upon a time...” On your bottom, please.
Sofia: I’m on it!
Educator: Listen. “…there were three billy goats, each called Gruff.”
Visual description: An educator sits on a mat in front of a sofa. A girl sits on her lap as three other children sit around her. All of the children are wearing dress up clothes. The blonde girl moves to the mat as the educator opens a picture book and holds it up. Sofia, the girl wearing a yellow toy hard hat, adjusts her position on the floor in front of the book and the blonde girl. Sofia moves again so the blonde girl can see the book.

00:43 – 00:50
Audio: Girl: What’s that?
Educator: Can you see? 
Boy: It’s a monster.
Educator: See? Here’s the troll’s eyes. 
Visual description: In a close-up, we see the girl wearing a plastic tiara and the boy intently listening to the story and looking at the pictures. 

00:51 – 01:38
Audio: Educator: Are you going to help me trip-trap? Do it together? “‘Trip-trap, trip-trap, trip-trap, trip-trap!’ went his hoofs on the bridge.” And you know what the troll said? “‘Who's that trip-trapping on my bridge?’ roared the troll.” And you know what the billy goat Gruff said? “‘It’s just me.’ ‘You’re a big, ugly troll,’ called out the second billy goat Gruff.” OK, the billy goat Gruff say here, “‘Don’t waste your time,’ said the second billy goat Gruff. ‘You should eat the third billy goat Gruff. He is big enough for breakfast, lunch and dinner all rolled into one.’”
Girl: Yeah!
Educator: Hmm. 
Visual description: The educator holds up the picture book and reads to the children. She is resting her arm on the sofa seat as she holds the book. The children are gathered close around her, listening to the story and looking at the pictures.  

01:39 – 02:12
Audio: Educator: “...maybe an earthquake, but it was the biggest billy goat Gruff coming.” 
[Girl speaks softly to the educator.] 
Educator: Yes, you’re going to in a second, OK? And do you know what? “Trip-trap!” Are we doing it together now? 
All: “Trip-trap, trip-trap, trip-trap, trip-trap!”
Educator: “‘And I am...’” You know what the troll said? “‘And I am going to gobble you up.’” 
Boy: Whoa! No! 
Educator: There’s another billy goat Gruff there. There’s another one there. Can you see that? Let’s see what happened. 
Visual description: In an overhead shot, the educator is shown reading with the children gathered closely around her. 

02:12 – 02:17
Audio: Educator: Alright. Time to have your rest time now. 
Visual description: The educator and the three girls sit on the mat. The book lies closed on the sofa.

02:18 – 02:59
Audio: Educator: Ian, we’re going to make your bed now. Come on, Ian. Can you help Aunty Ceil to make your bed, please?
Ian: I’m helping!
Educator: Yes.
Ian: I’m helping.
Educator: Look here. Look. Can you pull that inside and underneath your mattress? Another corner, please. Yep. And another corner. There we go. There.
Ian: Another corner. There we go. You’re going.
Educator: To sleep here is your blanket. OK. Alright, Ian, I need you to go to the toilet first. Yep. To the toilet! 
Visual description: Ian sits alone on a different mat on the other side of the room. In the hallway to the left, the educator is carrying in a single bed mattress. Ian helps her cover the mattress with a fitted sheet. Once they are finished, Ian jumps up and follows the educator down the hallway to the toilet. 

03:00 – 03:40
Audio: Educator: Ella, come along here, please, darling. There we go. One corner there. And, Jody, are you going to help? 
Jody: Yeah.
Educator: OK. One corner for you too. 
Jody: I’m going to maybe sing. OK. 
Educator: Are you going to sing? Alright! 
Jody: I don’t want to sing anymore.
Educator: OK, look at Ella. Fix this one, OK? You tired, darling? OK, here’s your blanket. 
Ella: Mine?
Educator: Uh-huh. Alright, we go to the toilet now.
[Sofia sings as she runs down the hallway.] 
Educator: Come on. Come with me. Come on. We go to the toilet. OK. Alright. 
Visual description: Beside Ian’s mattress, the three girls help the educator fit a sheet to another mattress. Jody jumps and skips then stands by the mattress. Sofia hurries down the hallway as Ella remains keeling by the mattress. The educator helps Ella up and leads her down the hallway by the hand. Jody follows them as she claps her hands.   

03:41 – 03:51
Audio: [Music]
Visual description: The ECRH logo followed by the video production credits and copyright appear on a white background: ECRH, Early Childhood Resource Hub. Copyright 2015 Commonwealth of Australia. Source: National Quality Standard Professional Learning Program – Early Childhood Australia.

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