Video transcript – Connecting with practice: Making salad

This video shows an educator and children cutting herbs from their garden and using them to make a salad. It demonstrates various ways that educators use verbal communication for a variety of learning opportunities and experiences with children.

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Visual description: The ECRH logo followed by the video title appear on a white background: ECRH, Early Childhood Resource Hub. Connecting with practice: making salad.

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Audio: [Ambient sounds of children playing in the outdoor area of the service.] 
Educator: We’ve got so much parsley, it’s growing out to meet us. So, what we have to do is we have to get a pair of scissors each. So have you got a pair, Jake? And there... Can I borrow yours for a minute? I’m just going to get you to hold onto the leaf and snip a leaf off like that. 
Girl: Parsley!
Educator: See that feathery one over there?
Girl: Yes.
Educator: That’s some dill. Go and get some of that one. Close the scissors while you're walking, and hold them down. So step over. Just take the feathery bits off the top because that’s some dill. In you go, Jake. That's it.
Jake: Yay.
Girl: Cut the feather?
Educator: Yes, you can cut some of those feathery ones? And, Jake, here's a bit of... here’s some chives down in here. 
Visual description: An educator and two children, a girl and a boy, are picking herbs in the vegetable garden. The children cut parsley with scissors under the supervision of the educator. Once the children have finished cutting the parsley, the educator lets them into the fenced-off area of the garden to cut other herbs.

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Audio: [Ambient sounds of children talking and playing in the service.] 
Girl: I wonder if it’s going to taste like salad.
Educator: It could taste like salad. Why do you think it could taste like salad?
Girl: Looks like salad.
Educator: Looks a little bit like salad.
Girl: Yeah.
Educator: When you have a salad at home, what do you put in your salad?
Girl: All kinds of stuff.
Educator: All kinds of stuff? Do you put some...?
Jake: At dinner once, I had fruit salad.
Educator: You had fruit salad. That’s a different salad. What’s that made of?
Jake: A long time ago, when it was stormy and we came back from somewhere...
Educator: Yes.
Jake: …and we just had that, and that was quick to make.
Educator: That was quick to make. That’s right. Is a salad quick to make? 
Children: Yes.
Educator: Do we have to use any energy to make a salad? Do we have to use the stove?
Girl: No!
Educator: No. So we don’t have to use the energy, do we? We can just use our energy. 
Visual description: The same two children and educator are seated at a low table by a window with a view of the garden inside the service. The girl and Jake are sitting on either side of the table, while the educator sits beside Jake. The children are cutting tomatoes and herbs with a knife as they discuss salads while supervised by the educator.

01:48 – 02:51
Audio: [Ambient sounds of children talking and playing in the service.] 
Educator: Tia, would you like to join us and do some? There’s a space down here. Seeing as you went and picked some of these before. Do you think you’d like to use that knife or a sharp one? 
Tia: Sharp one.
Educator: Alright. Remember, it’s like a saw. You have to go backwards and forwards a little bit with your knife. Because if you just squash... Watch me. I’m going to very slowly go backwards and forwards with my knife, and that will help you cut. Keep chopping. Do some more. Make it small, if you can. Good work, Isabelle. Take your time. How does Mummy cook? 
Isabelle: Fast.
Educator: She cooks fast. Do I teach you how to cook carefully? It is. But remember, Isabelle, it's still a knife, so put down your knife. 

Visual description: Another girl, Tia, is invited to join the other two children by the educator at the table. Tia sits at the head of the table directly opposite the camera, with Isabelle, Jake and the educator sitting on either side. Once the educator instructs Tia on using the serrated knife, the camera moves to an overhead position showing the children and educator cutting and making the salad. A number of close-ups of the salad making and the children follow, with the scene ending with the children and educator seated around the table.

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Visual description: The ECRH logo followed by the video production credits and copyright appear on a white background: ECRH, Early Childhood Resource Hub. Copyright 2015 Commonwealth of Australia. Source: National Quality Standard Professional Learning Program – Early Childhood Australia.

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