Video transcript – Connecting with practice: Young toddlers’ learning

This video focuses on toddlers engaging with a learning environment in a variety of ways. The role of the physical environment in supporting learning is highlighted, as well as educators’ contributions to learning through communicating with language. 

00:00 – 00:05
Audio: [Music]
Visual description: The ECRH logo followed by the video title appear on a white background: ECRH, Early Childhood Resource Hub. Connecting with practice: Young toddlers’ learning.

00:06 – 00:25
Audio: [Ambient sounds of children playing.] 
Girl: Ba ba! Ba ba.
Educator: Rebecca, you found it! You found your photo.
Visual description: In a toddlers’ playroom, a boy stands balancing on a curved platform. He sits down, slides off then walks away. Rebecca, a young girl, brings a framed picture over to an educator who is out of frame.

00:26 – 00:40
Audio: Educator: And Andrew. That’s Andrew, right? 
Rebecca: Here’s Andoo. Andoo. 
Educator: Do you want to see if Andrew wants to look at his photo? He’s playing over there. 
Visual description: Rebecca pulls another framed photograph from a shelf and carries both photos to the educator. A second boy climbs onto the curved platform. Rebecca shows the photo to the educator who looks at it.

00:41 – 00:50
Audio: Educator: Hello, Andrew. 
Visual description: Rebecca takes the framed photos across the room to the first boy who’s playing alone. Andrew goes past Rebecca, toward the educator, without responding. 

00:51 – 01:01
Audio: Rebecca: Andoo.
Visual description: Rebecca follows Andrew, holding the picture aloft and smiling. She offers the other photo in his general direction, then walks to the educator.

01:02 – 01:16
Audio: Educator: Did Andrew not want to look at his photo right now?
Rebecca: No.
Educator: You can put it back on the shelf for him so that he knows where it goes.
Visual description: Rebecca walks back to the shelves as the other children continue to play around her. She tries to stand the photo on the shelf.

01:17 – 01:22
Audio: Educator [from off-screen]: There’s a beautiful one in there. Is your pencil in there? Do you want me to write it? 
Rebecca: Help. Help.
Educator: I think someone needs my help. Sure, I can come and help you.
Educator 2 [from off-screen]: Are you ready for bed now? 
Visual description: The educator walks over to Rebecca to help her with the framed photo.

01:23 – 01:31
Audio: Educator: Ethan. Is that Ethan’s reflection in the mirror? 
Ethan: Ethan.
Educator: It is Ethan. That’s right.
Visual description: Ethan, a young boy, stands in front of a full length mirror pointing at his reflection.

01:32 – 01:31
Audio: [Ambient sounds of children playing.]
Visual description: Ethan moves away from the mirror and walks up to the camera.

01:33 – 01:40
Audio: Camera operator: Who is it? Who’s in the mirror? Now you want to see who’s in the camera.
Visual description: Ethan walks to the left of the camera and out of the frame. The camera then moves down to reveal Ethan’s face close to the lens.

01:41 – 01:54
Audio: Ethan: Ethan. 
Camera operator [off-screen]: Who’s that?
Ethan: Ethan. 
Camera operator [off-screen]: Is that Ethan? 
[Educator laughs off-screen.]
Camera operator [off-screen]: Is that you, mate?
Educator [off-screen]: They wanted to figure out... 
Ethan: Ethan. 
Educator [off-screen]: …when children knew that it was their own reflection. 
Ethan: Ethan. 
Camera operator [off-screen]: Yeah. 
Ethan: Ethan. 
Visual description: Ethan continues to look into the lens of the camera as the educator and camera operator talk off-screen.

01:55 – 02:08
Audio: Educator: Do you remember? On the cot rooms? Stop, please. This stays up here. So that we know it’s your bag. Yeah? Ethan, who’s this? 
Visual description: Ethan and another young child are standing in front of a wall displaying named photos of the children at the service. In the background, children are sitting at a table for meal time. Ethan touches the labelled photo of himself. As he begins to remove it, the educator gently helps him replace the photograph on the wall. The educator crouches to Ethan’s eye level to continue her conversation with him. 

02:09 – 02:18
Audio: Ethan: Andrew. 
Educator: Andrew. That’s right. Who else can you see up there? 

Visual description: The educator points to Ethan's name on the photo. Ethan runs his fingers over the named photo of a boy above his and then moves on to Andrew’s photo.

02:19 – 02:27
Audio: Educator: Do you know who this is? Who’s that one? 
Ethan: Baby. 
Educator: Baby. That’s Gaia. That's Gaia’s picture. 
Visual description: Ethan steps back to look at the photos. The educator leans in to point to a photograph of a baby wearing a red top. Ethan returns to the photo of Gaia once the educator tells him the baby’s name.

02:28 – 02:37
Audio: [Music]
Visual description: The ECRH logo followed by the video production credits and copyright appear on a white background: ECRH, Early Childhood Resource Hub. Copyright 2015 Commonwealth of Australia. Source: National Quality Standard Professional Learning Program – Early Childhood Australia.

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