Video transcript – How does play inspire children’s love of learning?

Children make sense of their world through play. It supports their physical, social, emotional, cognitive, literacy and numeracy development. In this video, a parent talks about the importance of learning through play, and how quality early learning draws on a wide range of play-based experiences for her son’s learning and development. 

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Audio: [Upbeat music]

Visual description: A young girl and boy are playing in their service’s sandpit collecting sand in buckets. The young boy is wearing a Superman T-shirt. 

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Audio: [Upbeat music]

Visual description: Message appears on a green background asking: ‘How does play inspire children’s love of learning?’

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Audio: [Mother] If you think about using vocabulary, basic numeracy skills, going and engaging with people, collaboration, all those 21st Century learning skills, if you don't build that when they're three and four, it's hard to teach a ten year old to play nicely with another person. Oh, you want me to catch something? Play on the monkey cheeky bars! 

Visual description: [Series of shots] A mother with short hair wearing a blue scarf is speaking in her service’s outdoor area. Two girls wearing their service’s uniform – purple and black striped T-shirts with collars – are playing with wooden number tiles and counting squares 1 to 100. A group of children are on a beach. They step back when the water reaches the shore. A different group of children are working together to stack a number of rectangular wooden bricks. Another preschool-age boy wearing a red jumper and red hat is playing with a hand-crank pulley toy at an early learning service’s outdoor area. The young boy wearing a Superman T-shirt is playing with two other children in the outdoor play area. 

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Audio: [Mother] My son was very young when he started. He's the youngest in his year, he was three and a half. He just turned four. Teaching them through playing, he's able to develop that true love of learning based on what he wants. Miss Anna already had his Superman T-shirt out ready because that's how he loves to learn. So he has to be a super hero and learn in that manner. 

Visual description: [Series of shots] A mother is continuing to speak about her son’s learning. A group of children are playing in an old boat in the service’s outdoor play area. The mother is shown dropping off her son at the service and an educator is shown helping him put on a Superman cape. Another child in a dark blue jumper is using a whiteboard marker on a piece of paper.  

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Audio: [Music] 

Visual description: Message appears on a green background: ‘Children make sense of their world through play’. 

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Audio: [Mother] They're learning about the environment and they're also doing a little bit on rubbish and cleaning up and recycling. And when your four-year-old comes home and tells you, "Are you throwing the right thing in the right bin?" "Otherwise Superman will come and catch you." I'm like, okay, Superman, I will make sure I've put it in the recycle bin. 

Visual description: [Series of shots] The mother continues to talk about her son’s learning. An educator is shown teaching a young girl about the environment using rubber sea animal toys and a blue net.  

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Audio: [Upbeat music]

Visual description: Message appears on a green background: ‘That’s quality early learning!’

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Audio: [Mother] Kids are being able [sic] to develop their personal best, whatever their personal best is, and to really, especially at such a young age, develop a love of learning.  

Visual description: The mother continues speaking about learning. 

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Visual description: Message appears on a green background: ‘For more info visit’. The logo appears on screen.


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