Video transcript – How does quality early learning help your child’s development?

Quality early learning gives children new opportunities and experiences. Interactions between educators and children in quality early learning services have significant and lasting effects on children’s development and learning. In this video, educators from quality early learning services talk about how children’s interests and abilities shape the learning activities and programs.

00:00 – 00:03

Audio: [Young girl 1] Ah, look!

Visual description: A little girl wearing a beige jumper and a light brown hat is smiling as she points at something in a tree. Her early learning educator, who is wearing a similar jumper and hat, stands beside her as she smiles.

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Audio: [Soothing music]

Visual description: Message appears on an orange background: ‘How does quality early learning help your child’s development?

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Audio: [Educator 1] The children, their innocence, their wonder, they're always asking questions and wondering and noticing things. Last year one of the little children was standing and looking around the space and then he just said, "I wonder why nature falls." And then there was all these little voices came out from everywhere, "I know, I know! It's because of this." With our First People's perspectives that we're doing, they're just absorbing and interested in that all the time. [Educator 2] That's it! That's a nice welcome song, isn't it?

Visual description: [Series of shots] A female early learning educator is discussing about children’s innocence and wonder as she stands in an outdoor area. A group of children are shown playing in a service’s outdoor play area. A different group of children are shown sitting together looking at a basket. Two young girls wearing hats are sitting on each side of their female educator on the grass in their early learning service’s outdoor area. All three are performing an Aboriginal sit-down dance and movements in time with the welcome song.    

00:31 – 00:35

Audio: [Background chatter] [Young girl 2] I did it! [Young girl 2 laughs]

Visual description: A little blonde girl wearing her early learning service’s purple and black striped jersey is shown peeling an apple using a hand crank peeler. She smiles and exclaims triumphantly when she has finished peeling the apple.

00:36 – 00:49

Audio: [Educator 3] I love seeing their progress every week and it goes full circle and all of a sudden you see the older child showing the younger child how to use the big knife to cut the sandwich. Then he was saying, “I didn't used to be able to use this knife, but then Molly helped me for a while and now I can do it and I can help you.”

Visual description: A female early learning service educator wearing a lilac shirt is standing in the garden area of her service speaking about children’s learning progress.

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Audio: [Music]

Visual description: Message appears on an orange background: ‘Quality early learning gives children new opportunities and experiences’

00:53 – 01:15

Audio: [Educator 4] Almost everything we do we are guided by the children here. Being able to give them time to finish an activity and not make them pack something up straight away just because we think it's time to pack up. It's just all about listening and planning for the next day or the next week. You know if you've got a beautifully prepared environment and you've got tools that are child-sized, then these children can conquer anything.

Visual description: [Series of shots] Two female educators are standing beside each other as one speaks about child-led learning activities. A young girl wearing a purple jumper is shown drawing on pink paper. A young boy wearing a dark jumper and a young boy wearing a light blue jumper are shown feeding a guinea pig that their educator is holding gently in his hands. A different female educator is shown sitting in an outdoor play area reading to a group of five children. A young boy is shown building a tower using play blocks.

01:16 – 01:18

Audio: [Music]

Visual description: Message appears on an orange background: ‘That’s quality early learning!’

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Audio: [Music]

Visual description: Message appears on an orange background: ‘For more info visit’. The logo appears on the screen.

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