Video transcript – How does quality early learning reflect the values of families?

Quality early learning services focus on developing meaningful relationships between children, families and educators. The friendly, caring and respectful interactions between children and educators help children to learn and develop their social and emotional skills and foster their general wellbeing. In this video, parents talk about the importance of positive and meaningful relationships at the centre of every quality early learning service. Educators also reflect on how they stay connected with the values of families, and how they work in partnership to get to know the child, their family and the wider community.

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Audio: [Soothing music] [Children talking]

Visual description: A group of children are sitting on a bench enjoying a meal together in their early learning service.

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Audio: [Soothing music]

Visual description: Message appears on a red background: ‘Children and families are the centre of every early learning service’.

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Audio: [Mother 1] The rapport with the educators is really important. If the educators don't understand where you've come from or what your expectations are, every situation's really hard.