Video transcript – Why are positive relationships important for early learning?

From before birth, children are connected to family, community, culture and place, and their earliest development and learning takes place through these relationships. As children participate in everyday life, they develop interests and construct their own identities and understandings of the world. In this video, educators detail how positive relationships in quality early learning services connect children to their world. All children experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life. Fundamental to the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia is a view of children’s lives as characterised by belonging, being and becoming.

00:00 – 00:02

Audio: [Upbeat music]

Visual description: Children from a family day care service are playing in a shaded outdoor play area and a girl is hugging her friend.

00:03 – 00:05

Audio: [Upbeat music]

Visual description: Message appears on a purple background: ‘Positive relationships connect children to their world’.

00:06 – 00:14

Audio: [Educator 1] Relationships are everything. Whether it be relationships with each other, or with a team, and we also teach relationships with the land and the animals around us.

Visual description: [Series of shots] An educator wearing a black jacket and a grey scarf is speaking about relationships. A group of children are playing in a service’s indoor area. Another group of children are at a beach looking at the water.

00:15 – 00:18

Audio: [Child] A crocodile. [Clap] [Educator] A crocodile!

Visual description: [Series of shots] An educator is interacting with a preschool-age boy and two toddlers who are all sitting on a play mat. Another set of children are playing in a service’s outdoor play area.

00:19 – 00:23

Audio: So what you have to do, is start from here, go up and up, be careful.

Visual description: Two young girls are playing in a service. They’re wearing their service’s uniform in yellow and pink colours.

00:24 – 00:30

Audio: [Upbeat music]

Visual description: Messages appear on two consecutive frames with purple backgrounds: ‘Belonging + Being + Becoming’ and ‘in every quality early learning service!’

00:31 – 00:34

Audio: [Little boy 1] Scarlet, look! [Little girl] Wow! [Little boy 2] The volcano is erupting!

Visual description: Two preschool-age boys and a girl are playing in their service’s sandpit. The boys have made a volcano base out of sand and placed a red shovel on top of it to symbolise the volcano erupting.

00:35 – 00:45

Audio: [Upbeat music]

Visual description: [Series of shots] Three children are sitting playing with toys on a table in their early learning service. An educator in a yellow sweatshirt is playing with two toddlers in a sandpit. Two girls are eating a toasted marshmallow and smiling at each other. Three other children are shown in their service. A boy is patting his friend’s back.

00:46 – 00:52

Audio: [Educator 2] If we keep connected with the children, take inspiration from the children, we will always stay in touch with that joy.

Visual description: [Series of shots] An educator in a blue jacket is speaking. A group of children are sitting on the ground looking up at their educator, who is sitting on a chair.

00:53 – 00:55

Audio: [Little girls and educator] Seven, eight! Seven, eight! [Educator] Eight-wheeled car!

Visual description: Two young girls wearing their service’s uniform are counting the wheels of a car they’ve made with their educator.

00:56 – 01:04

Audio: [Upbeat Music]

Visual description: Messages appear on two consecutive frames with purple backgrounds: ‘That’s quality early learning!’ and ‘For more info visit’. The logo appears on the screen.

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