ACECQA's Values

ACECQA’s values are based on putting children at the centre of everything we do.  Our organisational focus is on how we can improve outcomes for children across Australia.  Our commitment is to keep in sight how our decisions and actions will improve outcomes for children and lead to long-term benefits for individuals, families and communities. 

Our values influence all decisions and actions we take, from how we deliver corporate services to how we deliver services to our partners and the sector.  Our values guide our interactions with our team and stakeholders, and inspire a reciprocal commitment from them to our organisation, purpose and vision.  Our values complement, and position us to deliver on, our strategy – as articulated in ACECQA’s strategic plan.



children dancing



An acecqa employee on the enquires team using headphones


a early learning service receiving a excellent award



We act honestly, take responsibility and lead by example.


We build and maintain relationships to achieve our vision and purpose.


We consider and value the opinions, perceptions and expectations of others.


We work together to achieve better outcomes.

Kids holding starting blocks collaterals
children painting


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two ladies at acecqa life celebrations